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Christians Versa The Non Believers



My question is.  As a God Fearing Nation how is it that less than 1.5% of the population Demands We Remove God from Our Country, and without a blinking an Eye We let them Do It.

The Constitution says the Majority Rules, and they will Govern this Land.

My Family Came from Wales via. Ellis Island, in the 1600.  Because of the fact that this country believed in God,  and the Morality that went with these Believes. You just knew you could become anything Your hearts Desire.

Most of our family's were teacher and many other crafts man

This Gave us Hope in the future,  Knowing a God Loving and Fearing Country will stand by its people

Now they want us to remove "In God We Trust", from our monies, Schools, any land belonging to the People, entrusted to our government, Our Court Houses.

What is Next?  " lockup out Churches and forbid us from Worshiping In groups, Taking our Bibles.

Do You remember this same thing happened, in Europe.

When I was Growing Up, I was proud that every one joined in the Celebration, of Christmas and Easter in School and the whole community.  It was the whole Community, not just a few, but every one.

When we had some one not believe in God we just let them be.  Now that very few are telling us how to Believe in God.

Shame on us for Giving in so Easley.  When the Supreme Court  Said We must Remove God, from our country why didn't we just say NO.

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